eReadingToGo! App for Reading


App for Reading:
The same progressive and systematic method for teaching reading that has made eReadingPro so popular worldwide, is now being offered as an application for iPhone/iPad!

If you are new to our reading system, get ready - you’re going to love it! If you are already using eReadingPro with your child, eReadingToGo! will be a great addition! Your child will learn new words, phrases and sentences and continue to grow their vocabulary.

eReadingToGo! makes learning to read fun! It is the ONLY application that helps children learn to read starting from single words, then progressing into couplets, phrases and sentences. This progressive and systematic approach works for ALL children (typical or special needs).

eReadingToGo! is based on the whole-word approach and words are shown separately from images. As a result, the child learns the word as an image itself. Original artwork presents colorful scenes that are appealing and engaging. Our simple games reinforce the learning process and ensure that the words ‘stick’ in your child’s mind.

Take a look at our “How it Works” link and other links above to find out more about our exciting new app for reading!

App for Reading.


The BEST iPhone/iPad App For Teaching Children to Read!